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Analogue mastering & pressing

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Analogue mastering

We are all known about analogue mastering is the process of making a mix ready for distribution, while using analog equipment. According to experts of audio mastering, if done with care, technical understanding of the components involved, and with respect to the music and the media, nowadays there isn’t a remarkable difference between a vinyl record cut using a fully analogue or a digital source and signal-path. Therefore, we offering Vinyl specialised mastering from digital source with following specifications.  Of course, if analogue sources are available, we are happy to forward your analog media to our co-working mastering experts for pre-checking. 

Audio specification:​

  • Audio formats: WAV, AIFF, FLAC (lossless) or DDP Image.

  • Bit rate: 24 bits (16 bits works too) 32 bits is overkill.

  • Sampling rate: 44,1 kHz or higher.

Maximum Side Lengths for  12″ Records

  • Maximum levels, approx +6 dB: 6 min at 45 RPM, 8 min at 33 RPM.

  • Sufficient levels, approx +4 dB: 8 min at 45 RPM, 11 min at 33 RPM.

  • For dj use, approx 0 dB: 11min at 45 RPM, 15 min at 33 RPM.

  • Maximum playtime albums for optimized sound, approx -6 dB and lower: 18 min at 45 RPM, 24 min at 33 RPM.

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