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For Music Lovers

The music industry has undergone many changes over last decades, and the development of the Internet has made it easier for artists and music lovers to buy and listen to music. However, from time to time there are many artists like to distribute their work in physical format, especially analogue recording formats, which is a trending all around the world.


As a Ulaanbaatar-based record label, Retro Records Mongolia offering specially for Mongolian artists all types of music distribution formats vinyl ,cassette, CD, digital e.g.

We are offering 7", 10", 12" vinyl record pressing, magnetic cassette, CD pressing together with digital distribution in Amazon music, Apple music, Spotify and many more. 


 Retro Records Mongolia working with leading experts in the Vinyl record pressing market and offering talented Mongolian artists the opportunity to pressing their records in the European Union together with international and national retail distribution.

Vinyl process_resized.png
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